“DX DAY 2019: Cloud Native Enterprise” is event which will change a view of the opportunities CLOUD.

Increasingly, companies are at a dead when trying to create added value for businesses and launch innovative projects within existing cloud strategies. This is because they mainly focused on migration, that is, migrating existing applications and services to the cloud. Of course, this is a significant step and the lift and shift model for some time produces good results, but in fact, cloud computing and the Cloud native approach can give business much more.

On October 23, 2019 the conference “DX DAY 2019: Cloud Native Enterprise” will take place in Kyiv, which change the usual view of the CLOUD’s capabilities:

  • KEYNOTE: What does approach cloud-native mean or how to stop playing in optimization and move to real DX.
  • EXPERT SESSIONs: Complexity management, orchestration of data and processes in the context of multi-platform
  • INTERVIEW: Change of mind – Cloud-Native Mindset: management, stuff, processes, organizational culture
  • DISCUSSION: Safety of cloud – from chaos to control
  • CASE STUDY: Experience of the successful projects: why the cloud?

Fantastic composition of participants, only professional reports and interesting communication with market leaders. We are waiting for you at the SI BIS Cloud Broker, which sponsors DX DAY 2019: Cloud Native Enterprise!