SI BIS is your reliable IT partner with tailored approach to IT project implementation, based on the leading global practices and technology.


Being highly competent and experienced in IT infrastructure design, management, modernization, and support and having numerous comprehensive projects under our belt, we are committed to boosting our clients’ performance, choosing the solutions perfect for the given business task, putting hi-tech ideas into action, and adhering to the principles of IT integration in business.

We have at our disposal:

— Our own demo hardware enabling us to choose solutions to match client’s specific business tasks, test them, and get the proof of concept prototype before on-site deployment;

24/7/365 customer support centre for trouble-free operation of the systems and enterprise-level service;

Outsourcing service for optimisation of enterprise IT processes.

Being committed to high-quality approaches of project implementation and adherence to high standards of service delivery, the company is certified for compliance with international standards ISO 9001. This standard is an indicator of the availability and functioning of the quality management system, qualified personnel and the desire for continuous improvement of business processes.

SI BIS in its activity adheres to the requirements of the Anti-Corruption Program approved under the Law of Ukraine “On Corruption Prevention” of 14.10.2014 No. 1700-VII, Decision of the National Agency for Prevention of Corruption dated 02.03.2017 No. 75 (registered with the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine 09.03.2017 326/30194) “On Approval of the Model Corporate Anti-Corruption Program”.

The company created the Ethical Control Service – a system for collecting and processing information about signs of violations of the requirements of the enterprise and corruption offenses, as well as quick response to statements and documentation of internal audits and investigations.

The SI BIS Code of Conduct is  available for review at the link.

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Svitlana Samogulova
Svitlana Samogulova
Chief Executive Officer

Strategic development, partner policy management, optimization of business processes

Andrii Lytvynenko
Andrii Lytvynenko
Chief Technical Officer

Management of solution portfolio and development of technological competences