The APM module of the BIG-IP complex provides detailed access control to individual applications and networks with support for two-factor authentication, as well as centralized user identification management.

Providing access to applications is a complex process. After all, there are different users, unverified client software and unknown devices that want to connect to your trusted applications. What should the administrator do in this case?
The Access Policy Manager (APM) module of the BIG-IP complex from F5 provides several tools for protection and control of access to applications. Access is controlled regardless of the location of the applications. They can be on local PCs, in a cloud environment, on virtual devices.

• Unified Identification and Single Sign-On (SSO). Created a single-entry point based on access policy for cloud and local applications with support for multifactor authentication (MFA).
• Client for connection and web access with SSL VPN support. APM uses VPN access policies through web plug-ins or clients for mobile and desktop operating systems.
• Access to the application portal. With BIG-IP, users can access web applications without accessing the network. This feature is great for contractors and remote employees who do not need full-fledged VPN tunnels.
• Desktop applications and VDI support. The module provides access to policy-based virtualized applications through a single gateway that supports the VDI infrastructure and a customized web portal.
• Decisions on the implementation and management of access policies. The system has a built-in security policy editor with a graphical interface. It allows you to create and edit security policies.
• Secure web proxy. APM provides network protection against malware and URL filtering through a secure web proxy feature.

APM also integrates with other F5 solutions to ensure the security of applications and users. Including:
• BIG-IP Application Security Manager (ASM). Web Application Firewall (WAF). It allows you to see who uses the applications and whether they have the right to do so.
• Web Gateway Software (SWG). Together with the functionality of the APM module, it simplifies URL categorization. Together with APM, they make it easy to control user surfing and application access to various resources.

BIG-IP APM provides an order of magnitude more flexibility to provide user access and security management. But it is better to see this for yourself than to just take my word for it.
After consulting with SI BIS cybersecurity experts, you will be able to learn about real-world scenarios for using APM and learn why access control and security are important.