SI BIS has partnered with Nutanix, the developer and manufacturer of the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform hyperconverged platform.

Hyperconverged (HCI) refers to infrastructures in which the integration of servers, SANs and storage systems is done at the architectural level.

Due to combining storage and virtualization in a single solution, Nutanix eliminates the dependency on legacy technology. An integrated management platform provides true one-click infrastructure management, including analytics, automatic system updates, and troubleshooting.

One of the impetus for creating HCI systems was the need to provide easy scalability of the platform solution with the continued growth of IT infrastructure for applications more smoothly and with fewer problems.

The key advantages of hyperconvergence are easy and fast launch, easy scaling by increasing the number of universal blocks, independence from the hardware platform, increasing IT staff productivity and operational efficiency.

According to IDC, the payback period for Nutanix HCI is about six months, and the ROI for the five-year interval is more than 500%. To date Nutanix currently holds more than 50% of the hyperconverged systems market.

Thanks to the cooperation of Nutanix and SI BIS in Ukraine, customers will receive greater flexibility of their systems, simplification of the administration process, increased reliability and greater dynamism of IT and the business as a whole.

You can get more information about Nutanix solutions and SI BIS features by contacting our technical experts.