On August 23, Evgeny Halushin was appointed Commercial Director of
SI BIS has been a member of the MTI Group since 2007 and is engaged in the implementation of integrated IT solutions. The company is a partner of world leaders IBM, Cisco, DELL EMC, Hitachi and more. SI BIS has been one of the recognized leaders in the system integration market in recent years.
Evgeny Halushin, appointed Commercial Director, has twenty years of experience managing IT structures and companies in the IT and telecom fields. Mr. Halushin’s professional skills include defining marketing and product strategies, developing new areas, managing product portfolios, direct sales, managing and supporting integrated projects.
“The company is currently facing an overwhelming challenge in reaching its first position in the IT market, both in terms of business volume and industry expertise,” notes Evgeny Halushin. Also adding new innovative products to the company’s portfolio and moving to a service model. ”
It should e reminded that SI BIS CEO is currently Svetlana Samogulova, who has ten years of experience in managing the finances of large business structures and, until the appointment of more than 7 years, held the position of Executive Director of SI BIS and was responsible for strategic development of the company, implementation and optimization of business processes. Svetlana Samogulova, the CEO of SI BIS, replaced Igor Fedchenko, who headed the company from March 2015 to June 2019.
Ms. Samogulova’s main tasks at the head of the company are to implement effective partnership policy with key vendors in the information technology field, corporate governance and increase of economic indicators of the company’s activity, formation and development of management team competencies and increase of market share.
“We remain reliable and professional partners for both vendors and our customers. Updating the professional team, attracting the best technicians, consistently high managerial competence give us confidence in the implementation of projects of any complexity and is a guarantee of fulfillment of all our obligations. – Confident SI BIS CEO Svetlana Samogulova. “In the near future, we will expand our product portfolio and offer innovative solutions for the Ukrainian market.”
The SI BIS management team also includes:
• Technical Director Andriy Lytvynenko,
• Chief Financial Officer Yulia Patlashenko,
• HR Director Olena Razdorozhnaya,
• Marketing Director Olena Osadcha.
“The crisis is not only a challenge, but also an opportunity to transform the team in the market conditions, to take a new look at forming a portfolio of products, working with vendors and developing our own competencies. We are only looking ahead. ”- says SI BIS Technical Director Andriy Litvinenko.

SI BIS has been operating in the Ukrainian information technology market since 2003 and has been among the top five system integrators for many years. Currently, the company continues to implement complex projects in the field of creation of efficient IT infrastructures, data centers, their management, monitoring and technical support.