The world is becoming more dynamic, with a constant online presence, more users favoring mobility, lower costs and new features, with a new generation of 5G cellular communications.
Huawei has become a flagship in the development and implementation of Wi-6 solutions based on 5G technologies for a better commercial experience.


New generation standard
Wi Fi 6 is a new stage in the development of Wi Fi, with more than 75 new features (including built-in IoT capabilities).
Wi Fi 6 simultaneously activates the transmission of information at frequencies of 2.4 and 5 GHz and transmits data in a single stream to multiple devices (using multiple access with orthogonal frequency distribution (OFDMA)).
Thanks to this, Wi Fi 6 is the optimal solution for use in high-density areas (airports, shopping malls, offices, conference rooms and large industrial enterprises).


Features of Wi Fi 6
– New mandatory security protocol Wi Fi Protected Access 3 (WPA3), which allows you to set simpler passwords without the threat of tampering.
– A new SAE authentication mechanism (Simultaneous Authentication of Equals), which provides improved protection by changing the automation algorithm.
– Forward Secrecy solution that protects data traffic even in cases where the password has been compromised.
– Multiple I / O (MU-MIMO) allows you to transfer data to multiple devices simultaneously.
– High-level modulation (1024-QAM) increases the bandwidth of Wi-Fi devices and allows you to encode more data in the same spectrum.
– Low power consumption, which increases the battery life of all connected devices.


Do you need a Wi-Fi 6 network??
The new Wi Fi 6 standard (802.11ax) demonstrates a 4-fold increase in network bandwidth and the number of parallel connections of users compared to Wi-Fi 5. Algorithms and antennas 5G Huawei AirEngine Wi Fi 6 can reduce network latency from 30 ms to 10 ms. Such indicators eliminate the effect of spatial disorientation of users and improve the quality of the connection using VR / AR technologies. Low latency allows you to hold conferences with 4K HD quality over a wireless network, as well as minimize packet loss when roaming automatically controlled vehicles.


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