Delta Bank


The main purpose of the audit was to survey the existing IT infrastructure and develop recommendations for its optimisation. The audit included survey and analysis of the existing infrastructure, inventory of the resources utilised, monitoring of the storage network and server infrastructure, reporting, and recommendations for further optimisation.


IT Infrastructure Audit


Having completed the audit of JSC Delta Bank’s IT infrastructure, SI BIS presented the following proposals for optimisation:

• Migration to more productive IBM Power 7 RISC servers
• Deployment of IBM System Director for unified management of IT infrastructure and reduction of cost of server ownership
• Server consolidation based on Hyper-V/VMWare virtual infrastructure to reduce costs of administration of numerous servers, cut hardware fleet, increase disk space and improve performance management, improve data security and availability, reduce the time needed to adapt to changing business requirement, reduce administration and support volumes, and provide infrastructure scalability
• Deployment IBM Tivoli Storage Manager v6 The solution improved the backup system’s performance and monitoring functionality
• Transition to Library Manager Server configuration scheme.