Delta Bank


IBM Power 795 server is designed to support large-scale database applications and transaction processing in a highly virtualised system infrastructure, providing new levels of workload consolidation, resource utilization efficiency, and performance. The most powerful model in the IBM Power Systems family, this server provides the highest performance and excellent scalability and bandwidth, making it suitable for effective and simultaneous support of a range of complex and important business applications.


PJSC Delta Bank used IBM Power 795 server for business-critical applications, such as B2 core banking system and IS-Card, analytical data storage support. The choice of such a powerful system was justified by the need for flexible resource reallocation between critical applications.

The initial configuration of PJSC Delta Bank’s IBM Power 795 server consisted of 48 POWER7 processors (3.7 GHz each) and 1 TB of 1066 MHz DDR3 RAM. The server could accommodate up to 256 POWER7 processors and up to 8 TB of RAM, which enabled quick and easy scaling depending on the changing needs of the modern business environment.


Base infrustructure