Smart Holding

About Client

Smart-Holding is one of the largest industrial and investment groups in Ukraine, which unites companies with common strategic goals and business principles. Smart-Holding is focused on industrial sectors that are key to the country’s economy. Its companies invest in mining, metallurgical, oil&gas, banking, agriculture, retail, shipbuilding, and real estate sectors and participate in other business projects as portfolio investors.


SI BIS experts’ main objective during the project was to organise Cisco Telepresence-based videoconferencing for Lotus Sametime clients.


Under this PJSC Smart-Holding project, SI BIS experts integrated IBM Lotus Sametime and Cisco Telepresence for the first time.

A part of IBM Collaboration Solutions, IBM Lotus Sametime simplifies deployment of unified communications environments and improves integration of internal systems. This software supports messaging, chats, and video/audio calls.

To create this solution, capabilities of IBM Lotus software needed to be extended to provide video/audio call functionality. For that IBM Sametime 8.5.2, an LDAP directory server, and a DB2 server were used.

Also, a Cisco VCS SIP trunk was required: its role was to organize call routing from its clients to recipients. All routes were determined by Search rules, which enabled search and connection between Cisco (as one of Zone 1 users) and Lotus Sametime (Zone 2) clients.

Fig. 1. Integration of IBM Lotus Sametime and Cisco Telepresence

Zone 1 and Zone 2 were SIP name search areas and were interconnected by a SIP trunk. Just like for VCS, the processing rules for incoming and outgoing calls were specified on the Lotus Sametime side. Only this way the products could be connected.

SI BIS experts can deploy the solution like this in the existing infrastructure of the company and as a part of the new infrastructure.