Pravex Bank

About Client

JSCB Pravex-Bank was established in 1992. In 2009, it became a Public Joint-Stock Company.

The main strategic direction of the bank’s development was maintaining its activities as a multifunctional financial institution that provides a full range of banking services to private and corporate clients.


The project for deployment of the FlexCube core banking system at PJSC CB Pravex-Bank called for integration of various automated Legacy gateway (LGW) support systems with FlexCube (FC) CBS, which performed main transactions. Under the project, SI BIS experts were involved in development of the solution and its prototyping as pertains to the interface part of the task.




In a rather short period, SI BIS experts developed over a dozen interfaces and conducted extended consulting and technical support of the bank IT department’s developer team.


As part of the project, the following was implemented:

• Implementation of LGW access interfaces for with further integration with the services
• Implementation of incoming message filtering and processing
• Distribution of requests among FC modules, request transmission
• Waiting for FC responses, their processing and forwarding to LGW sender
• Error handling and exchange logging