Delta Bank


Growing number of business applications, data volumes, and bank service high-availability requirements called for an upgrade of the existing server infrastructure.


Under the project, SI BIS experts supplied a new IBM Power 795 server that provided a significant performance improvement over the existing IBM Power 595 server and ensured the highest availability possible for business-critical applications, including B2 core banking system, IS-Card, and DWH.

The project stage involved modernisation of the storage infrastructure. Although server infrastructure was nearly symmetrical at the bank’s both data centres, the backup location’s storage infrastructure based on IBM DS4800 systems with hundreds of FC disks required improvement. The limiting factor was the difference in storage system functionality at the two locations (update downtimes, lack of Dynamic Provisioning technology) because the main data centre benefited from an enterprise-class array.

As an upgrade for the backup facility’s storage, SI BIS experts offered an HDS USP VM system, which provided enterprise-class functionality at a cost comparable to middle-tier systems. One of the key advantages HDS USP VM had over its competition was the ability to virtualise storage systems of other manufacturers, which allowed to introduce the base system functionality into the outdated systems.


IT Infrastructure Modernization


The solution also provided several obvious business advantages:

Substantial disk capacity expansion with HDS USP VM system internal disks
• Security of previous investments (over 200 fast FC15K disks in IBM DS4800 storage system)
• A single point of management for internal and external storage resources (HDS USP VM system operating virtualised logical disks natively)
• High-end system functionality not available in IBM DS4800 systems (Dynamic Provisioning, Cache Partitioning, Tiered Storage manager, etc.)
• Much improved system performance, faster response time (HDS USP VM storage system is supplied with 56 GB data cache and 12 GB control cache vs 4 GB cache in IBM DS4800).


The modernisation provided the bank with a flexible and scalable IT infrastructure and almost symmetrical sites.