SI BIS has a history of successful cooperation with Amstor trade network that started with an IT infrastructure modernisation project back in 2007. The project was aimed at creating a reliable and scalable infrastructure for sales management and accounting, which could be expanded and upgraded as needed. The main requirement was high availability of the main DBMS.


Before modernisation, the company’s IT structure was made of Intel-based servers, Hitachi AMS 1000 storage system, Linux software, and SPRUT accounting system DBMS.

SI BIS experts offered to migrate DBMS to IBM Power 570 high-performance enterprise platform with Power 6 4.2 GHz processors, which met the reliability, performance, and flexibility requirements.

During modernisation, DBMS was migrated to an 8-processor IBM Power 570 server, and another 4-processor IBM Power 570 server was used for a standby database. To match the higher system capacity the company’s Hitachi AMS 1000 storage system had to be upgraded too.

Then the main IBM Power 570 server was upgraded to the maximum 16-processor configuration.

In the light of the growing volumes of data, expansion of trading network, asymmetry of main and backup servers, lack of an adequate testing environment, and approaching end of the servers’ lifespan, the company needed to revise the way it ensured continuity of business processes.

In 2012, SI BIS suggested modernisation of Amstor’s IT infrastructure with a new IBM Power 770 server. The project envisioned the new server as being the main one, the 16-processor IBM Power 570 server becoming the backup server to ensure adequate performance for the backup platform, and the 4-processor IBM Power 570 server being used for testing.

After sizing, SI BIS and Amstor experts chose a highly reliable IBM Power 770 server with two base units (32 3.3 GHz Power 7 processors) providing redundancy for all server components, including service processors and clock generators with dynamic emergency switching and hot repair capabilities.


IT Infrastructure Modernization


The project provided Amstor with a new highly reliable server platform with almost doubled performance with no need to purchase expensive additional software licenses.