Epicentr K’s IT infrastructure consisted of 4-processor servers, each responsible for certain tasks. Applications and tasks were executed directly on their drives, but servers had no proper backup. Failure of one of the servers was always a risk. In addition, the scheme used had high energy consumption and heat generation.

Epicentr K experts decided to upgrade the existing IT infrastructure and deploy new hardware in the hypermarket chain.


To solve the tasks at hand, technical experts of SI BIS and Epicentr K developed a fundamentally new hardware scheme, efficiency and reliability of which made it a standard hardware package. All Epicentr K locations have the same infrastructure requirements, so the solution could be used as a template for IT infrastructure.

SI BIS offered a SAS Boot-based solution. A package includes three servers, all working with the same storage system. There is a dedicated server for every task, but data is pulled from the storage system. What makes this solution special is that one of the servers backups data and can lend its resources in case of the two others fail. Besides, it takes only 10 minutes to remotely configure any of the servers to be used instead of the other.

The system underwent real-life testing for resilience during routine maintenance of one of the servers.

The scheme consisted of 1U servers with dual six-core processors, which made it more compact. This is often a key factor since the server room real estate is often limited. As a result, the entire solution spanned only 8 units: 3 of them were servers, 2—storage system and another 3—a UPS module. Everything was accommodated in a 25U cabinet, which proved to be compact and practical.


Base infrustructure


The system developed for Epicentr K had low power consumption.
It was also flexible and scalable and enabled optimal distribution of the available resources. The system was designed with upgradability in mind, so in the event of shortage of server resources, its capacity can be quickly expanded. It has been done already in the company’s central office.

The solution presents an excellent combination of price and quality and is applicable for cases, where virtualisation can’t be used, as well as for other optimisation and cost-cutting measures. The project’s short time frame is an important advantage too. With necessary hardware available, installation of all elements and testing takes just two days.