Amstor retail needed to create and expand its territorially-distributed structure. As the business developed, its SPRUT automated system for management of merchandise ordering, purchase, sale, and storage started running out of computing power. Technical experts had to upgrade the IT system regularly. As a result, maintenance costs went up.

The IT infrastructure modernisation project was aimed at creating a reliable and scalable system for sales management and accounting of the store network, which could be expanded and modernised going forward.


Before modernisation, the IT infrastructure was composed of Intel-based servers, a Hitachi AMS 100 storage system, Linux software and an Oracle DBMS.
The modernisation involved deployment of a high-performance Oracle DBMS running on IBM p570 servers with POWER 6 4.2 GHz processors.

The main Oracle database was migrated to an 8-processor IBM p570 server, and a second standby database was set up on the second 4-processor server. Capacity expansion entailed an upgrade of the of Hitachi AMS 100-based storage system. After the capacity of the existing storage system was increased, replication of primary and standby databases was configured.


IT Infrastructure Modernization


The uniqueness of this solution was in successful integration of IBM servers, Hitachi storage system, and Oracle DBMS for retail business tasks. Another advantage was a possibility for migration from the Oracle system to an SAP enterprise management system if needed.