Privat Bank


In 2011, PJSC CB PrivatBank’s data storage system was upgraded again.

The project involved capacity expansion for Hitachi Universal Storage Platform V (USP V) enterprise-level data storage platform, deployed by SI BIS experts earlier. Among the advantages of this platform are great scaling and fine-tuning capabilities ensuring maximum performance.


The USP V system was modernised to meet the rapidly growing requirements of the bank. Specifically, more adapters were added, and disk capacity expanded. All works were carried out on live system because it supported critical business functions of the bank. The modernisation was completed without any incidents.

Additionally, the technical experts of the bank and SI BIS Company deployed a new Hitachi Universal Storage Platform VM (USP VM) enterprise-level platform. The system was designed to replace the outdated and unserviceable enterprise-level storage platform the bank was running at the time. SI BIS experts assembled, installed, and initialized the USP VM system, which is now fully operational.

USP VM had a wide range of functionality while being more cost-efficient than the previous one.


Software Defined Solutions


Hitachi USP V


The expansion of Hitachi USP V storage capacity was completed so that the system could meet then-current requirements of the bank. The system also had room for further scaling once the bank’s requirements call for it.

Data migration from the old system and storage virtualisation are planned to achieve even higher performance of the installed system.