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Development of JSC Sberbank of Russia and centralisation of its data centre infrastructure called for a significant improvement in staff and service IT infrastructure performance.


The need for configuration management automation, software standardization, remote management, and limited on-site availability of IT staff made the bank deploy configuration management system based on Microsoft System Center 2012 Configuration Manager (SCCM 2012) in its corporate environment (Internet segment).


During the project, an SCCM 2012 architecture was developed with the functionality like OS installation, update delivery to clients (not only from Microsoft but also from third-party vendors like Adobe, Hewlett-Packard), as well as Endpoint Protection, Intel AMT vPro-enabled client PC administration.

VMWare virtualisation became the foundation of the project. System Center 2012 Configuration Manager infrastructure was deployed on two servers. One server had System Center 2012 Configuration Manager and System Center Updates Publisher 2011 installed, and the other was used as a database server. This way, system state control points can be created for each installation and the system rolled back to the required state if necessary.


Base infrustructure


Since all infrastructure management functionality was consolidated into a single product, administrators got a unified centralised remote management tool—System Center 2012 Configuration Manager. Integration of the role model enabled flexible assignment of administrator roles with sufficient privileges to perform their tasks.

Integration with Intel AMT vPro enabled remote BIOS editing, initial system configuration, and corrupted system booting with recovery images from the Configuration Manager console. To appreciate the convenience, imagine a remote office where computers need to be configured. Anything that doesn’t involve you being there with a screwdriver can now be done remotely through System Center 2012 Configuration Manager and Intel AMT vPro.


Vyacheslav Molozhaviy, Head of IT Department in JSC Sberbank of Russia:

“The pilot project provided the Bank with tools for centralised and automated management of client workstation software and hardware, regardless of where it is and without interfering the user’s work.

The software was deployed by our IT professionals together with SI BIS. Intel and Microsoft engineers were involved too for consultations.

The pilot project confirmed that the management of user PCs can be done with maximum centralisation in near future. Meanwhile, on-site interference in PC operation can be reduced to hardware installation and repairs. On the bank scale, this will reduce IT staff costs associated with engineers having to visit the bank’s offices, as well as increase the overall IT security.”


Dmitry Turchyn, Head of Server&Tools Business Group, Microsoft Ukraine:

“Projects for major banks always have stringent accessibility, productivity, reliability, and security requirements. Therefore, we are glad that clients like JSC Sberbank of Russia trust Microsoft System Center 2012 products.

Partnering with Microsoft, clients get maximum flexibility in picking their IT strategy, because the System Center-based solutions cover all IT department tasks—from system/applications management and monitoring and routine task automation to building clouds and redistributing resources between the in-house data centre and Microsoft Azure public cloud, security assurance and the management of hybrid environments in a single window.

I would also like to commend high professionalism of JSC Sberbank of Russia’s IT management, which helped it boost staff efficiency and mobility, and, ultimately, provide tangible results for the business, as well as their partner—SI BIS, who completed yet another complex and successful project.”