BI analytics solutions provide access to information contained in various systems or databases of organizations, process it, and analyse it. They can pull data from any information systems, accounting and financial programs, specialized industry solutions, as well as local sources (like Excel or Access files).

These next-gen systems perform strategic data analysis, facilitate managerial decision-making in the company, and easily create reports, information dashboards, and information visualization.

Benefits for Business:

  • Easy KPI management based on financial results
  • Accurate forecasting and management of risks, opportunities, and financial consequences
  • Lower IT infrastructure and total cost of ownership costs

Main advantages of BI analytics:

  • Integrated solution for data analysis coming from various sources, as well as for reporting and information sharing in a unified environment
  • Simple and intuitive interface, easy data import, rich visualization features, powerful search, analysis and comparison of data from different sources
  • No report creation, processing, and testing costs, faster report preparation
  • Higher query efficiency
  • Modern security tools for access restriction and data protection
  • Solution scaling as your business grows

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