App Connect is a universal integration tool that allows you to connect applications and data in all environments of your organization. Providing fast access, transparency and control over the data transferred between business applications and systems.

App Connect secure connectors allow you to connect local and cloud systems. The conversion tool fixes problems with inconsistencies in data formats. The interface makes it easy to set up integration processes that transfer packets or data records.

Advantages of App Connect:

  • Converting heterogeneous applications and web services, the ability to implement various integration scenarios
  • Extensive application and service support
  • Deploy in a multi-cloud / local infrastructure or use as a managed service
  • Scalable and flexible applications
  • API creation

Business value from the implementation of integration solutions:

  • Ensuring the fastest possible interaction between key business systems at minimal cost
  • Ready protected connectors and integration tools allow you to meet the most complex requirements of organizations
  • Reducing the cost of development, maintenance and administration of systems and integration processes