Chat bot is a program that uses the templates of “communication” to simulate a conversation with a person in order to solve various tasks on the messenger platform. Chat bots automate some tasks, working according to a predetermined algorithm controlled by HTTPS requests to loyalty program APIs. These virtual assistants are able to replace a variety of services, for example, call centers and customer service centers, which allows you to optimize your business expenses and attract new customers.

Advantages of chat bots:

  • Easy access to information
  • Convenient customizable interface
  • Low traffic consumption and high response rate
  • Quickly cope with computational operations, giving the optimal solution
  • No need to download and install
  • Work on all platforms where there are instant messengers
  • Ability to work in group chats

Business value from using chat bots:

  • Stay 24/7 in touch with the client in the presence of a large customer base
  • Customization of business
  • Reduced operating costs by automating routine activities
  • Improving the efficiency of own employees through the introduction of chat bots in the internal processes of the company