Cloud Broker — reliable partner in choosing a cloud solution specifically for your business, a competent specialist in the installation, migration, management of the use, performance and delivery of cloud services, a trustee in the relationship between cloud providers and service consumers.

The main value of the Cloud Broker model is in its versatility and flexibility of roles in relations between consumers and suppliers.

Cloud Broker Roles:

Mediator: assumes part of the functionality, is responsible for the legal registration of relationships with different providers, partial administration of systems. The customer receives a single entry point and one contract with official reporting and in national currency.

Aggregator: integrates and integrates multiple services into one or more new services, providing integration and secure data movement between a cloud of several cloud providers and a consumer.

Arbitrage: the solution of both the disputable situations between the client and the provider, and the issues of applying one or another solution for the implementation of services.

Value for business:

  • Unified Interaction Point
  • Single contract in national currency with full accounting support, and single SLA with support for the implemented solution
  • Unified team from planning to implementation and maintenance
  • Manageability and control of the integration of cloud services into existing infrastructure
  • Saving of time for search of cloud service and its testing
  • Reducing the risks associated with possible hidden additional costs when choosing a consumption model
  • Complete information on the recommended provider / manufacturer of cloud solutions