Hybrid cloud is a combination of two or more interconnected private and public clouds, which can share their computing power and data.

The main concept of a hybrid cloud—availability of external resources in case of shortage of in-house computing power. Typically, hybrid clouds are used to exceed the company’s cloud power at peak loads.

Benefits for Business:

  • Faster transformation of digital environment
  • Rapid response to business needs
  • Consolidated, transparent, and controlled cost structure


  • Hybrid cloud solves any issues related to lack or reservation of internal resources with the computing power of the service provider
  • Hybrid cloud environment provides instant access to resources with self-service capabilities, which helps increase the company’s profits
  • The ability to fully leverage the cloud with lower costs of public cloud and maximum security of the private one, ensuring the availability of critical data and limiting third-party access

The solution seamlessly integrates platforms, adapting the required publicly available computing power for shared use and ensures maximum security for confidential data.

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