Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is a scheme in which various components of the computing infrastructure (servers, data

Value for business IaaS:

  • Reducing operating costs. Getting computing resources as a service
  • Control of investments in IT. Dynamic management of the amount of consumed resources
  • Flexible payment models (for actually consumed resources, etc.).

IaaS – is guaranteed resources in the cloud with the ability to create an unlimited number of virtual machines within the allocated resources.

When to use IaaS:

  • The company’s need for IT resources is not the same at different times
  • With a reduction in operating expenses
  • With rapid business growth or the need to scale the infrastructure
  • When you start or invest in a new line of business

Virtual data center SIBIS.CLOUD is a platform for creating a flexible IT infrastructure with the ability to dynamically manage the amount of resources used, without overpayments, investments in premises, equipment, hardware and software.

Components of the service:

  • Prepaid date center
  •  Dynamic Data Center
  • Virtual machines

Virtual Data Center SIBIS.CLOUD, fully automated solution “IaaS” (Infrastructure as a Service), which is created on the platform of cloud computing SI BIS Cloud using the latest virtualization technologies.

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