Every company strives to optimise costs, including IT-related ones. The main advantage of migrating IT infrastructure to the cloud is lower operating expenses. The migration is often seen as costly and risky in terms of data security and serviceability though. Besides, it takes time.

With our IT infrastructure cloud migration services, you get a complete copy of your IT infrastructure—no need for additional staff training, downtimes, allocating time for this.

Main stages of cloud migration:

  • Selection of a cloud model with due regard to scalability, uninterrupted services, and the company’s requirements as to IT
  • Migration roadmap Evaluation of migration tools, IT infrastructure architecture specifics, services, data volumes Provision of communication channels and security
  • Cloud infrastructure creation
  • Test migration and cloud testing Assessment of compliance, availability, and performance of resources
  • Cloud infrastructure launch

Benefits for Business:

  • Lower costs related to ensuring performance of the existing infrastructure
  • Flexibility of the system; availability of a wide range of public cloud services
  • Resource security
  • Office mobility

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