Always updated version of classic Office applications

  • Quick installation of Office on a PC or on a Mac
  • Storing documents in the cloud storage for backup and the ability to use them anywhere
  • Regular Updates
  • Office on your smartphone and tablet

Corporate Email

  • Mailboxes up to 50 GB
  • Sending and receiving messages up to 25 MB
  • Own custom domain for email addresses
  • Always updated anti-spam and malware protection
  • Available on PC Windows, Mac, Windows Phone, iPhone, Android and Blackberry

Document store and shared access to them

  • 1 TB of space in the cloud file storage with OneDrive for business
  • Keeping backups and sharing files with other employees in your organization and beyond
  • Teamwork with documents
  • Access to files from almost any smartphone or tablet
  • Available on a Windows PC without an Internet connection

Online audio and video conferences

  • Conduct meetings on the network
  • Demonstration of the desktop, conducting surveys, joint notes for the meeting
  • Full involvement of all participants

Internal social network and collaboration opportunities

  • Corporate Social Networking
  • Collective interaction
  • Operative information exchange and decision-making process

Simplify IT management

  • No need to maintain servers
  • Business information is located in globally distributed data centers
  • Permanent backup and disaster recovery capabilities

Phone technical support

  • 24-hour phone support
  • Answers to questions on the Internet, support for the Office 365 community

Financial guarantees of service availability

  • Financial guarantees of service availability 99.9% of the time