Data processing centres (DPC) are resilient integrated centralised systems that automate business processes with a high level of performance and quality of services provided.

Main data centre components:

  • Data acquisition, processing, and storage systems based on modern server hardware
  • Extensive LAN/WAN telecommunication network for flexible interaction between system elements
  • Engineering infrastructure ensuring that the data centre is sufficiently reliable, efficient, and secure
  • Administration system (automation and dispatching) integrating the data centre critical services into a unified management structure.

SI BIS provides a full range of data centre-related services: from design, installation, and testing to facility commissioning and ensuring reliability, efficiency, security, and high availability of information services.

In addition to the solutions for modern data centres, we offer:

  • Power supply systems
  • HVAC systems
  • SCS design, construction, audit, revival
  • Data centre engineering infrastructure
  • Prefabricated engineering modules for modular and mobile data centre construction
  • Data centre infrastructure management solutions Dispatching and monitoring
  • Data centre engineering infrastructure equipment servicing

All solutions for modern data centres are provided with the appropriate service, are fully oriented to the customer needs, are flexibly scalable considering the continuous business development.

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