Smart video surveillance system is a multifunctional software and hardware solution for recognition, identification and tracking of moving objects in the field of view of surveillance cameras based on video analysis. Modern smart video surveillance systems reduce the load on the operator, automating the processing of events observed per the specified algorithms.

The system:

  • Automatically records suspicious behaviours of the objects and violations of existing safety rules and procedures
  • Distinguishes and identifies the types of the objects in the frame: single person, group of people, car, etc.
  • Sets the alarm status in accordance with the current rules
  • Analyses the events in real time and via retrospective analysis
  • Ensure data and video access confidentiality

Benefits for Business:

  • Lower video monitoring costs and human factor effect when it comes to detection and response time
  • Lower load on communication channels and archiving system based on filtering out the unnecessary video data
  • Company grounds security

The smart video surveillance system architecture provides exactly the functionality required by a specific facility, based on a specific budget, which makes it a universal solution for different types of facilities.

Implemented projects:

  • Design and audit of video surveillance systems

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