Unified Communications (UC) — a concept that takes work communication between the company’s employees to a new level with efficient and quick information sharing and less time and money spent on business trips, meetings, and long-distance phone calls. Unlike miscellaneous loosely related communication tools like telephone, e-mail and messengers, this one is a unified solution combining all advantages of the communication methods into a single, safe, and reliable tool being under the customer’s complete control.

Unified communications include:

  • Shared address book
  • Instant messaging
  • Voice calls and video calls
  • Audio and video conferences
  • Mass web-conferences that can be recorded for further publication.
  • Voicemail, answering machine, and email management with voice
  • User online status indication
  • Shared access, in-app collaboration
  • Interaction with external systems—those of other companies, as well as public services such as AOL/ICQ, MSN Live, Yahoo! Messenger, and Google Talk

Benefits for Business:

  • Savings on telephone calls owing to VoIP
  • Features for secretaries—flexible telephone call management, call delegation, automated attendant
  • Call-centre functionality—incoming call distribution
  • Mobile access
  • Access from a variety of platforms and devices—PCs, regular phones, smartphones
  • Integration office applications

Completed projects:

  • Unified communications system setup
  • Setup of unified corporate communication environment tying together different communication channels: VoIP, WAN channels, video calls, email, and instant message

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