Videoconferencing (VC) is a widely used business tool that enables real-time voice and video communication for users that are far apart. With VC, all important visual elements are reproduced, and participants feel as if they are together in the same room.


  • A manager now can be “at several places at once”
  • Effortless persuasion and understanding despite long distance
  • Speaker’s emotions and facial expressions are visible and his/her energy can be felt
  • Visual and focused discussion and decision-making
  • Cross-platform, mobile apps.

Benefits for Business:

  • A convenient planning and remote employee briefing tool.
  • Savings on business trips and relocations
  • Fluid decision making


  • Dedicated solution is fully controlled by the customer company and uses an in-house network.
  • Cloud solution — infrastructure is provided by a video conferencing provider via Internet, and the company uses its own terminals, usually PCs.
  • Hybrid — both models are used — for example, the company uses an in-house VC system for internal communication and a cloud-based one for external links or large video conferences,

Completed projects:

  • Deployment of a Cisco Telepresence-based video conferencing solution for Lotus Sametime clients

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