Rapid development and improvement of information technology and ever-changing user demands and requirements to IT infrastructure result in a constant need for modernisation.

Benefits of IT infrastructure modernisation:

  • Improved operational efficiency and functionality
  • Lower total cost of IT infrastructure ownership and maintenance
  • Complex integration between corporate systems and business areas

Modernisation may be required in case of:

  • Failures and overloads in system operation becoming more frequent
  • Difficulties in introduction of new business processes
  • Infrastructure obsolescence
  • Geographic expansion of the business becoming difficult to support
  • Growing requirements for information security infrastructure

Obsolete hardware and technologies should be replaced with modern and up-to-date ones to maintain high efficiency of any business.

Implemented projects:

  • Server hardware deployment within the framework of a computing infrastructure modernisation project
  • Deployment of IBM Power 8 platform to migrate applications to a higher-performance environment
  • Modernisation and deployment of modern storage systems