Virtualisation is a consolidation of IT infrastructure computing resources that enables higher operation efficiency on the component level while reducing the number of computers required and software purchase costs.

Benefits for Business:

Virtual IT infrastructure solutions enable companies to use their IT resources more efficiently, gain in flexibility and dynamics, and therefore become more competitive. Virtualisation is a way to reduce IT infrastructure costs (both software and hardware) enabling higher efficiency and adaptability for companies of all sizes.


  • Presentation virtualisation
  • Application virtualisation
  • Server virtualisation

Virtual IT infrastructure provides:

  • Unification of multiple servers and desktops
  • Isolation of certain services and applications from others to reduce conflicts
  • Reduction of energy consumption for computing system powering and cooling.
  • Rapid server, desktop, and application deployment
  • Lower new workplace creation and maintenance costs
  • Resilience and faster recovery in case of failures.

Implemented projects:

  • Creation of a virtual infrastructure distributed between two data centres to ensure disaster recovery.

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