Corporate networks and their resources are under a constant threat of intruder attacks.

Solid protection against new attacks requires implementing network security solutions and developing cybersecurity strategies that meet reliability requirements and factor in the specifics of integration with other IT systems.

Network security is, above all, the protection of a network perimeter and resources connected to it from all kinds of threats. Includes physical and software countermeasures designed to protect the network infrastructure from unauthorized access, improper operation, misuse, modification, and destruction.

SI BIS network security solutions provide secure access for employees to network resources at all times, as well as effective security management and protection against ever-evolving threats and new attack methods.

Network security is an essential prerequisite for overall cybersecurity since the network is the most important line of defence against external attacks.

Benefits for Business:

  • Protection of your company’s resources helps prevent business downtimes
  • Proven protection of confidential information
  • Protection against leakage and loss of business-critical data

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