Vulnerability Scanning, Assessment & Management of the main components of the corporate network, such as network services, operating systems, application software, database management systems, routers and firewalls, are the main measures in ensuring information security. This process is a preventive measure to reduce the risks associated with information security by identifying and analyzing vulnerabilities in the network infrastructure.

The main tasks of solutions:

  • vulnerability detection
  • identify and report network security settings
  • detection of unmanaged devices and applications within a corporate network
  • creation of reports on compliance with network security`s standards
  • risk management and prioritization of their elimination
  • providing recommendations for the removal of vulnerabilities
  • monitoring changes and network security

Benefits for Business:

  • Increase the overall security level of the corporate network
  • Reducing the likelihood of cyber attacks
  • Compliance with ISO 27001, PCI-DSS

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