Technical audit is an independent investigation. This procedure allows to investigate IT systems to assess their condition and identify areas for performance improvement.

Benefits for Business:

  • 100% accurate information about the current state of hardware and software systems
  • Higher returns on investment in IT
  • Reduced cost of IT ownership


Audit of hardware and software systems includes:

  • Audit of existing information systems and technologies (assessment of the current status and ongoing processes, determination of compliance or inconsistencies of the information system with the specified criteria)
  • System configuration analysis based on the customer’s data
  • A visit by our consultant to the customer to analyse the hardware and software systems
  • Recommendations for improving performance of various components of the existing information system, development of an optimisation plan for the current hardware and software systems
  • Complete or partial reconfiguration of hardware or the entire complex (if necessary)
  • On-site consultations with the customer’s experts during activities and those by phone/email