SI BIS offers the complex solutions available to provide full defense of information systems at the enterprises of any scale. That is why SI BIS has chosen for itself as a leading partner the world-famous manufacturer of cybersecurity systems and one of the leaders in the Gartner quadrant – Sophos.Sophos is one of the few on the market that can offer a complete security solution, the components of which actively interact and improve each other thanks to the unique Sophos synchronized security technology, which provides the interaction between next-gen endpoint and next-gen firewall.SI BIS, when designing integrated solutions, places a huge emphasis on information security products. Moreover, like Sophos, it pays equal attention to both endpoint protection and network protection. The Sophos arsenal has solutions that can satisfy other needs of its customers, from encryption of workstations to VPN gateways and wireless access points.The Sophos Central concept, which SI BIS offers its customers as a leading security solution, integrates the following classes of solutions:

  • Endpoint Protection — classical signature antivirus;
  • Server Protection — specialized servers antivirus;
  • Intercept-X – next generation antivirus (without signatures and with artificial intelligence technologies);
  • Sophos XG Firewall — Next-Generation Firewall;
  • Mobility Management (UEM) —mobile device management and access control to corporate mail and files;
  • Data Protection (Encryption);
  • Secure Wi-Fi — точки доступа, которые управляются как из облака, так и локально через Sophos UTM / Sophos XG; access points that are managed both from the cloud and locally through Sophos UTM / Sophos XG;
  • Web Security — classical solution for web-traffic filtratering;
  • E-mail Security — cloud/local antispam/antivirus solution;
  • Phish Threat —raising employee awareness, conducting test phishing mailings;
  • Cloud Optix — cloud infrastructures audit.

The fruitful cooperation between Sophos and SI BIS in Ukraine will allow us to offer our customers a wide range of information security solutions and increase their security level in terms of detection, analysis and instant response to external and internal cyber threats.