SI BIS has become a partner in the industry largest event – CISO DX DAY 2020 Security Conference.

The following topics were discussed during the event:

  • ∙ The future of cybersecurity 2020+: from solutions and strategies to corporate culture and philosophy.
  • ∙ IS vs Business: Allow or prohibit? Flexibility or strict rules?
  • ∙ Change of thinking – CISO Mindset: CISO as a leader and as part of a team.
  • ∙ Effective and not so security risk management strategies in the Ukrainian context.
  • ∙ Own SOC – To be or not to be? – Argumentation of expediency, principles of implementation, new opportunities.

On the stand, SI BIS experts shared their experience in implementing classical information security systems: protecting the perimeter, end users, web servers and next-generation ACS (automated control systems) protection solutions using CyberX, anti-intruder systems based on the Attivo Deception System, and presented a solution for initial audit mobile and web applications based on the ImmuniWeb platform.

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