Modern computer networks are complexes of sophisticated systems, quality and approach to the design of which determines whether they benefit the business and promote its growth.

Network audit is an examination of the current state, configuration, operability and resilience of the corporate network.

Audit elements:

  • Comprehensive analysis of the corporate network and its components (LAN, WLAN, WAN, VoIP, security, management, and monitoring)
  • Identification of bottlenecks that make the network infrastructure vulnerable in terms of corporate data privacy
  • Assessment of network services functionality and their compliance with specific business requirements
  • Development of recommendations for modernization of the existing network infrastructure elements or replacement with more modern solutions, as well as optimisation and protection recommendations

Network audit should be performed in case of:

  • Network operation/data transmission failures or service delivery interruptions
  • ISP service quality assessment is required
  • Prior commencement and after completion of network modernisation to check results
  • Switching to network infrastructure outsourcing

Benefits for Business:

  • Healthy, efficient, and resilient corporate network
  • Corporate data security
  • Lower risks of online service delivery to customers via low-quality channels

The results of SI BIS network audit will include identification of network infrastructure vulnerabilities and development of solutions for its optimal operation.