VoIP is voice communication over the IP protocol. The technology provides uplink, two-way voice communication, as well as video communication via the Internet or any other IP networks.

VoIP advantages:

  • Lower long-distance, international, and mobile communication costs
  • Lower communication system maintenance and servicing costs and investments in network infrastructure
  • Higher availability of company employees through a unified dial plan, as well as a shared address book, CRM, and contact centre integration.
  • Unified communication environment for multi-location structures
  • Integration with ERP systems, 1C, CRM, billing, etc.
  • Collaborative document editing with presence and availability indicators
  • Consolidation and development of a technology strategy and budget for the divisions that service ERP and corporate communication systems—all within one IT department

Benefits for Business:

  • No costs associated with maintaining a dedicated telephone network and a team of specialists.
  • Centralised telephony management
  • Lower telephony services support costs

Completed projects:

  • VoIP and call-centre deployment

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